Kinderfeets™ is the product of award-winning designer and Netherlands native, Oscar V. Mulder. Growing up in the Netherlands, where bicycling is a way of life, Oscar wanted to share this with his then two-year old son, Sebastiaan, with their life in San Francisco. Sscar searched for the perfect push bike to fi t Sebastiaan’s needs, but couldn’t fi nd exactly what he was looking for. The great-grandson of a Dutch bike designer, and a designer by trade, Oscar pursued the challenge himself and created a prototype. Once he and his son began cruising around their neighborhood, neighbors starting asking questions about the small push bike and urging oscar to pursue the creation as a full-fl edged business. Kinderfeets was born soon after.

Inspired by traditional Dutch bikes, Kinderfeets is a play on words for the Dutch word “kinderfiets” which translates to “child’s bike.” Kinderfeets is a small training bike with a low step-through frame without pedals that allow children’s feet to touch the ground–it’s the best way to prepare them for learning to ride a full-sized bike. The collection has now grown to many different children’s bikes, all with unique features to help them learn balance and become comfortable with pedals and riding. The award-winning quality push-bike models are eco-friendly and feature a whimsical, patented design.

Newer products include the Kinderfeets pram/walker and Kinderboard. The pram/walker is designed as a push carriage for dolls and toys, but can also be used as a training walker, helping children to learn proper walking and movement. The Kinderboard is an incredibly versatile balance toy allowing children to use it multiple ways—standing or laying on it sparks incredible, fun learning in terms of balance and imaginative play. Both wooden toys are eco-friendly, handmade, and available in multiple colors.

The entire Kinderfeets product line encourages children to live an active, adventurous lifestyle alongside their parents. They allow children to use their imagination wildly—as the whole line encourages multiple uses and grows along with the child. Kinderfeets has grown into such a trusted, reputable global brand. The business is a hit in the u.s., Canada, australia, new Zealand, Taiwan, Europe, and of course, the motherland of Netherlands. We couldn’t be more excited to off er them to families across the world––it’s beyond the Dutchman’s wildest dreams.